Why Maintenance Connection Created the Annual CMMS Score Report

How do you use your CMMS?

Have you recently started noticing that your maintenance team may be lagging, and you need a system to keep communication organized and visible? Or, are you far past implementation, and you’re ready to prove the tool has decreased downtime and saved on overall costs?

No matter what stage of the CMMS usage phase you’re in, you’re ahead of any team that is unaware of the power of the platform. That’s because a CMMS solution is proven to decrease asset downtime, extend machine life, improve the work order tracking process, implement preventive maintenance schedules, and provide bottom-line cost savings.


That’s why the Maintenance Connection team created the CMMS Score: To truly understand how maintenance professionals across a variety of industries use CMMS to improve procedures—backed by data from you.

>>> How are you using your CMMS? Get your personalized CMMS Score.

The Evolution of the CMMS Score

In 2016, we created the State of CMMS Report, which presented how maintenance professionals use CMMS in daily operations. Respondents ranged from maintenance managers to technicians to IT to operations, across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, facilities, government and more.

The end report provided you with a look into the ratio of preventive vs. reactive procedures, monthly open work orders, average asset management budget and more.

This year, we wanted to kick it up a notch and provide even more value with the CMMS Score. Using data from the questions you answer, the CMMS Score produces personalized results to show if you’re using your CMMS system to it’s full potential.

The survey includes three parts:

  1. Information about the company and its maintenance program
  2. CMMS Implementation progress & measured rollout of features
  3. Benefit and ROI assessments – to what degree have you improved in key areas?

Most importantly: Maintenance Connection created the CMMS Score to educate the maintenance industry on real businesses challenges informed by real professionals. Our company’s #1 goal—above any other—is to provide the highest value to our customers to keep operations running smoothly, budgets on track and teams working efficiently. This all can be achieved through a smooth implementation of a CMMS.

What’s Your CMMS Score?

In just five minutes, you can get your CMMS Score by answering questions like:

  • How many work orders do you process per month?
  • Has your CMMS helped extend equipment lifespan?
  • How many assets are configured in your system?
  • Has your CMMS software improved system reliability?

From there, you’ll find out how you rank. Our CMMS Scores are broken into five different categories: Apprentice, Mover, Journeyman, Leader, and Master.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the CMMS Score survey to find out how well your maintenance system is being utilized, and learn how you can become a CMMS Leader to realize the top benefits.

Interested in finding out more about the results behind the report and what they mean? Watch the CMMS Score & the Road to Maintenance Mastery Webinar