Is Reactive Maintenance the Norm?

What You Can Learn from 450+ Facilities Maintenance Professionals

Does your facility rely on a maintenance strategy in which assets are only serviced if downtime occurs? If so, you may be stuck in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” scenario of reactive maintenance.

Reactive maintenance negatively impacts employee morale, productivity and job safety. On the other hand, preventive maintenance improves:

  • Technician availability and productivity.
  • Budget estimates.
  • Asset uptime.
  • Reduced overtime hours.
  • Equipment lifespan.

Yet when we polled 450+ facility professionals, the majority indicated that they still rely heavily on reactive maintenance efforts. Keep reading to learn how shifting away from reactive maintenance reduces work orders, improves asset management and boosts team productivity.


What’s your ratio of reactive to preventive maintenance?

More than 450 facilities professionals weighed in on this question, and the answers may surprise you. A startling 66% of respondents say that half or more of their maintenance efforts are reactive. And that’s only the beginning of what we uncovered. 

We also detailed the number of monthly open work orders and the number of assets within respondents’ facilities. With this information, we discovered that reactive maintenance plagues a variety of industries, and increases the amount of monthly work orders compared to preventive maintenance.

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CMMS: The solution to a reactive maintenance culture.

Does your facility rely heavily on reactive maintenance? If so, don’t fear because there is a solution. Download our full report, Is Reactive Maintenance the Norm?: An Exclusive Report on the State of Preventive Maintenance, to see how a CMMS can improve maintenance budgets, team productivity and asset management.

Plus, you’ll get exclusive data on our respondents, including:

  • An in-depth look at the types of industries affected by reactive maintenance.
  • Average monthly work orders among reactive vs. preventive respondents.
  • Information about how a CMMS can improve asset management, work order tracking and overall maintenance budgets.

What are you waiting for? Download your copy of our exclusive report, Is Reactive Maintenance the Norm?: An Exclusive Report on the State of Preventive Maintenance, and see how you can improve your facility’s maintenance procedures—starting today.