MC University is Here!

Maintenance Connection has just introduced an on-demand training source to equip customers with an easy way to enhance their software knowledge. The  new online learning environment, called MC University, was developed to give customers the ability to become more proficient users. MC University will offer over 60 courses that cover modules including Assets and Infrastructure, Work Management, Parts and Purchasing, PMs, Procedures and Projects, Reporting and System Administrator.

MC University gives users a way to work independently to get up to speed on basic principles or to enhance their knowledge of the CMMS. The online learning source can be utilized by maintenance professionals of all levels, from customers who have new staff that need to learn the basics of Maintenance Connection to longtime users that need to enhance their knowledge of a particular skill. MC University provides guided examples of modules and gives users the ability to follow along in the software as they learn. Each module is designed to fit within a 30-minute time period and concludes with a comprehensive quiz that gives users the ability to test their knowledge. Results can easily be forwarded to others, making it easy to share progress.


Maintenance Connection created the MC University to add an independent learning component to its training solutions. The online learning source provides a platform for customers to refresh their knowledge after initial implementation training and equips them with an easy way to receive continuous training. “Our goal at Maintenance Connection is for customers to receive effective upfront training on our CMMS system to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing learning to sharpen skills and use our system to the fullest extent,” said Brian Kincaid, Client Services Director. The company also offers continuous training for clients on-site and through its user group meeting, Checkpoint, which is held annually.


MC University is available to customers that choose to add a subscription with their annual license agreement. For more information about MC University and all other Maintenance Connection training options click here.