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Maintenance Connection was named the definitive leader on the Software Advice FrontRunners Report

The FrontRunners Quadrant for Maintenance & Facility Management software compared nearly 40 vendors, ranging from enterprise providers to niche-market players. Solutions are ranked based on value and capability using product reviews, public data sources and product information.

* The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.


Maintenance Connection is used by over 350,000 Users Worldwide. The proven implementation approach brings you the best‐in‐class product that has been ranked top‐value in the industry.

The Best Product
  • Powerful & Easy to Use
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Easy Integrations
  • Multi-Language Capabilities
  • Native-Device Barcoding
The Best Value
  • Ranked #1 in Delivering Value
  • Proven Implementation Process
  • Secure Data Platform
  • Flexible & Scalable, Accommodates Growth
  • User-Driven, Frequent Product Updates

98% Project Success Rate

98% Service Satisfaction

98% Customer Renewal Rate

Maintenance Connection has decades of experience successfully implementing CMMS software, and knows how to artfully manage project scope, data migration, timelines, and stakeholder interests.
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MC Ensures your Maintenance Management Program is Certified for Success!

Over 350,000 maintenance professionals improve facility operations with Maintenance Connection

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Recognized as Top Ten for Best CMMS Software on since report was first launched in 2015 is the most comprehensive online publisher of resources for buyers and vendors of business software offering reviews, expert advice, in-depth articles and product white papers to help members connect to the right software for their needs. Inclusion in the top ten ranking requires a product or service to stand out in a thorough independent evaluation by a category specialist from Top Ten Review’s editorial staff, who employ industry standard protocols and procedures.

What Top Ten Reviews editorial staff has to say about Maintenance Connection:

“Sophisticated enough to handle larger clients”

“It’s low cost also makes it suitable for smaller facilities”

“Overall Maintenance Connection is a reliable, straightforward solution for businesses of all sizes.”

“You can also track work history and costs, reduce downtime and improve asset maintenance planning and scheduling, which can avert equipment failure and lengthen the life of the assets “
Capterra Users Love Maintenance Connection

Users Love Us on Capterra

“Maintenance Connection has given us the ability to progressively change much of our maintenance culture from reactive to preventative. It is an excellent tool that provides our teams the means to better troubleshooting and preparedness, leading directly to increased efficiency. Having the flexibility to form this product to our workflow and process is invaluable.”

PATRICK PIPIS | Hydro Maintenance Specialist | Placer County Water Agency

MC is a very user friendly system and easy to use. My company has been online for 8 years and I've only been in for 7 months. However, it is so intuitive that with minimal assistance I have been able to learn the system. When I do have questions, customer support has been more than willing to work with me to build what I need.

DAVID WILHITE | Holt Caterpillar

I have called into MC several times for various reasons over my brief period of use. I have always found the staff more than helpful. As a company I find that MC stands behind their product, and values in a way that proves that they care, not only for the bottom line, but also for the experience of the user. The functionality of the system is so versatile that it can accomplish things for a variety of industries. The more I learn about MC and its applications the more I would like to incorporate it into our business. Thank you for a great product.

HEATHER TYLER | Mountain Operations Admin | Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC

I have been an user for at least 10 years. I have implemented two systems. My original application in a union environment and seasoned work force was supposed to an impossible task. MC is such an easy product to use that I had zero by in issues by my work force. My second implementation was in a much smaller environment and was implemented in no time. Great product.

ERIC FLEMING | Maintenance Manager | Avery Dennison
Users Love Maintenance Conenction on G2 Crowd

Users Love Us on G2 Crowd

I work for a municipality, and a lot of times a customer or citizen will report a problem, and continually call back to see if it has been rectified, with the MC we can now check instantly on the status of a problem, and get back to the person with information on the problem or complaint. Being able to have the mobile version has allowed us to also cover ourselves by taking pictures of the repaired area of complaint, to prove to the customer that the problem has been resolved. It could prove beneficial to have that information in a court of law, as you know City's get sued all the time, and it would be nice to be able to call up a particular file when needed, instead of thumbing through filing cabinets full of paper.

TODD L. | Water Services Technician | City of Lodi

We have an enterprise environment of over 18000 users, and 150 sites. The best part of this program is the user interface on both the requester side, as well as the superuser / technician side. It’s very easy for users to submit a request. And it's very easy for our maintenance technicians to complete work orders. There are also a bunch of custom settings and buttons we can add to make it specific to our organization.

STEVEN C. | Technical Systems Analyst | Interior Health Authority

MC delivers functionality comparable to a tier one ERP product for a low cost with an easy implementation and an ease of use. Indeed, many ERP systems don't do everything MC delivers.

DUANE G. | Systems Analyst | Reliance Steel & Aluminum

Love the customer service. My company has used Maintenance Connection for over 8 years and we have never had to wait for support. Timely and always professional. Functionality of the program is easy to understand and use.

JANICE | Administrator | Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

The ability to get basic information in quickly and ramp up at a speed that works for your group was the most attractive feature for us. We started with building and room info and now have automatic assignments working. Next will be the consumables inventory. Every year we use more and get more out of it. MC is also very easy to use. As a university, we get a new population in our halls every year and with a short demo of how to submit a work order, hundreds of new freshmen do it successfully the very first time. It is also easy for the users using MC Express on tablets to receive their work orders instantly (a big time saver if your buildings are spread out), record their time and materials and move on.

NO NAME | Higher Education
Software Advice Users Love Maintenance Connection

Users Love Us on Software Advice

We looked at many of the top ten facilities management software packages. The minute we looked at maintenance connection, we were sold.This software is a system admin dream. Six of us went to the user conference this week and all six of us came back with very happy faces and so much excitement. I could go on and on about how wonderful this software is. If you have struggled with your facilities management software, just look up Maintenance Connection on Youtube. If that doesn't convince you, let them demo the software for you. You will be truly amazed!!!!!

LISA | Clarkson University

It is a full service software that can fill all your CMMS/ERP needs. It has ease of navigation, by utilizing the different levels of access from Service Requester, to Technician Work Center, and finally the MRO for the Administrative side. I have not found anything that I dislike. The support and leadership team has been able to work with us to resolve all issues.

BRYAN | Intelligrated

Maintenance Connection has given us the ability to progressively change much of our maintenance culture from reactive to preventative. It is an excellent tool that provides our teams the means to better troubleshooting and preparedness, leading directly to increased efficiency. Having the flexibility to form this product to our workflow and process is invaluable.

PATRICK | Placer County Water Agency

The initial installation of the software was the fastest I have ever seen. It only took just a few hours for the web servers and sql server. The navigation tree is great, like Windows Explorer, easy to move around in the software, things are easy to find. A great feature is the file storage. We store all our building blueprints in the software and we are starting to put in service manuals. This way the maintenance staff can see the prints and the manuals when he gets a work order on his smart phone.

ROY | County of Santa Barbara

I am a very tech kind of guy and I really like it when I find a software that is viewable on multiple devices. With this software I was able to see what was going on with my properties on my phone. It is also nice being able to see who has paid and who has not in one place.

CONNOR | Your Store Here