CMMS Training: Beyond the Software Implementation

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on Maintenance Connection’s blog in 2014. 

Whether an organization is putting a new CMMS system into place or has been utilizing a tool for years, training should be a considered a critical component to successful usage. Training is necessary to keep up with new features in the software, enhance the skill sets of employees, and improve efficiency.

Training sessions should be held for each person in an organization who will be using a CMMS on a day-to-day basis including technicians, maintenance supervisors and administrators.

An article from Reliable Plant Magazine reinforces this concept by adding the following advice:

“Keep in mind that training is an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of the CMMS. Send your maintenance team to refresher webinars and knowledge-transfer workshops to help reinforce best practices. During training workshops, attendees may become aware of certain modules and features that could be deployed in their organizations to make their workflow more efficient.”

Continue reading to learn how Maintenance Connection supports customers beyond the initial software implementation.

Encourage team success with ongoing CMMS training.

At Maintenance Connection, we encourage all clients to immerse themselves in regular training of our software on an ongoing basis. We offer various options for clients to grow their knowledge of our CMMS and become better users. These options include Checkpoint, our annual user conference, our current Road Tour events,  on-site training, eLearning opportunities, and system audits.

We firmly believe that ongoing training is imperative to ensuring maximum satisfaction from our CMMS. If our users are not trained properly, the system is not going to work for them properly.

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Image credit: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain