• High volume of assets across the globe.
  • No formal asset management strategy.
  • Need to keep up with production schedules and customer demand.


  • Maintenance Connection’s enterprise asset management module.
  • Maintenance Connection’s preventive maintenance features.


  • Transparency into asset health across global plants.
  • Improved asset hierarchy to understand maintenance needs.
  • Preventive maintenance schedules that diminish downtime.

"We had extensive user involvement during the research process, which also ensured a very high adoption rate. "

Don Berry | IT Business Area Manager

Case Study Summary: SSAB

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, SSAB is a leading global steel manufacturer that specializes in advanced high-strength, quenched and tempered steels. SSAB has 20 facilities across Sweden, Finland and the U.S. that together produce nearly 8.8 million tons of steel per year.

SSAB’s steel is used to create lighter, stronger and longer-lasting products. With customers across the globe dependent on its production, the company knew it needed a rock-solid asset management plan that kept equipment up and running. Otherwise, the manufacturer risked asset downtime, delayed production schedules and lower customer satisfaction.

To combat these potential risks, SSAB began research on computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to increase preventive maintenance, lower costs and reduce asset downtime. After vetting several vendors, the team decided on Maintenance Connection.

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