• Keeping on top of on time delivery of the newspaper to uphold a reliable reputation.
  • A single printing plant responsible for 10,000 assets.
  • Cycle-base count processes that makes automated maintenance challenging


  • Maintenance Connection’s asset management system that helps track maintenance health of plant equipment.
  • Maintenance Connection’s preventive maintenance system to service equipment before it breaks.
  • Maintenance Connection’s Inventory Planning to plan ahead for inventory requests.


  • Enhanced time tracking from all employees, as well improved reporting on labor and resources
  • Improvements to team communication
  • Ability to meet the demand of more than 1 million weekly readers, without worrying about equipment breakdown.

"Our previous CMMS software had a lot of gaps. We heard a lot from the workforce about the fact that they didn’t know what was available in the system. With Maintenance Connection, everybody is well aware what’s going on in the plant."

Greg Zarafa | Maintenance Manager

Case Study Summary: New York Times

Since 1835, The New York Times has operated as a global daily news source, producing more than 1.1 million print newspapers on Sundays alone.

The Times has 64 newspaper print sites across the world, with its main printing headquarters in College Point, New York. This single printing plant alone is home to 10,000 assets.

The New York Times is no small operating facility. In delivering a paper of this magnitude on time every single day, one misstep means a damaged reputation or unreliable service.

The New York Times’ maintenance team set out in search for a system to foster plant communications, house asset information and track maintenance status. After careful consideration, the team selected Maintenance Connection’s CMMS.

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