• Needed to replace an existing CMMS platform that was not user friendly
  • No ability to be mobile with the CMMS platform
  • Limited visibility into Asset up-time and lifespan
  • Limited options for accessing reporting data


  • Maintenance Connection’s Preventive Maintenance and Asset modules
  • Maintenance Connection’s mobile product, MC Express
  • Maintenance Connection’s Automated Reports and KPIs


  • Improved planned versus unplanned work ratio
  • Helped achieve initiative to go paperless
  • Aided in goal to be more mobile and responsive
  • Enhanced reporting that aids in the visibility and tracking of key metrics and performance indicators

"From top to bottom, we are a high-performing, metrics-oriented organization with a focus on continuous improvement. Our implementation of Maintenance Connection CMMS has helped us to better manage our critical assets, and to achieve our organizational metrics goals for planned maintenance."

Tim Yaeger | Masters Gallery Foods

Case Study Summary: Masters Gallery Foods

Masters Gallery Foods is a family-owned company operating a multi-acre campus, a leading national cheese supplier, maintaining one of the largest privately held cheese inventories in the country, and offers a full line of retail and food service cheese products.

With the task of not only running, but also maintaining, a 310,000 square foot cheese manufacturing and distribution facility that produces more than 200,000,000 pounds of product a year, the Master Gallery Food team needed a way to proactively engage in maintenance for their assets while obtaining a transparent view into the metrics that would help them attain their organizational goals.

After choosing Maintenance Connection, the team strategically deployed the Asset and Preventive Maintenance modules. They looked to obtain immediate results with their facilities operations and management needs, focusing on the automation of maintenance requests and reporting.

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