4 Ways to Inspire CMMS Employee Adoption

The benefits of implementing a CMMS range broadly—from better preventive maintenance scheduling to greater insights into organizational asset health. While a CMMS undoubtedly brings value to many types of facilities, a startling 80 to 90% of implementation efforts fail. (Yikes!)

Whether you’ve recently purchased a CMMS or your company has seasoned users, employee adoption drives successful implementation. It’s simply not enough to install the system without any formal employee training or encouragement.

Get your company up and running with CMMS adoption. Below are four ideas to help successfully introduce a CMMS into your company and aid employees in seeing the benefits.

1. Select a partner that supports company-wide adoption.

When introducing the team to a new CMMS, you may experience a resistance to change.  Set your team off on the right foot with a commitment to onboarding support.  Before you make a decision on your next CMMS purchase, make regular training and additional service components an RFP requirement––for both the CMMS and team’s success.

Perform your due diligence during the research phase of your future CMMS.  Look for partners that are dedicated to easy implementation of the solution or those that include a customer success team committed to your use of the product.  Keep in mind that receiving upfront training to master the solution followed with ongoing support to keep skills sharp will ensure you’re using your CMMS to the fullest.

2. Inspire from the top down.

You can’t expect your employees to quickly adopt a new CMMS if they see there’s a lack of internal buy-in.  Division in management causes lack of commitment in employees.  Communicate the advantages of your new solution and process, starting at the top.

InformationAge states that employees will not likely change their minds on a new technology if it’s not emphasized from leadership. Ask the leadership team to act as internal champions, and prep them with benefits if questions arise. Also, market research firm LiquidPlanner encourages leadership to use the product themselves. That way, everyone can start at the same time and record progress as adoption continues.  If employees see management learning the new software they are more likely to be onboard as well.

Hold a kickoff meeting with leadership to get the whole team rallying around CMMS implementation. Then, help to ensure that the executive group is able to clearly communicate the benefits of CMMS—and the rationale behind the purchase.

3. Cultivate a positive perception.

Some employees may not want to change old working habits or adopt a new technology. No matter what the reason, creating a positive perception of your new CMMS process will inspire encouragement for the new product.

A Paycor article states that firms implementing new software should perform internal public relations. For example, be specific about the wins of the new system. Prepare talking points for a kickoff meeting that hone in on specific benefits for each employee or position. Some talking points include:

  • Ability to fill out or assign a work order in seconds.
  • Visibility into assignment status and technician availability.
  • Drag and drop functionality for organized asset reports.
  • Benefits of preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Mobile functionality for real-time access of project progress.
  • Transparent reporting into organizational asset health.

Invite the team to ask questions about the benefits, or block off time for one-on-one demonstrations. That way, the team feels comfortable and encouraged to use the new CMMS.  Then reward or compliment those who are working towards the goal.

4. Continually share knowledge through training.

To truly inspire adoption, employees must know the ins and outs of the system.  Rather than expecting employees to learn the product on their own time, hold training sessions on company time to foster adoption…provide lunch if possible to show value to staff.  Then, realize that a full orientation to what the product can do happens gradually, so allow for mistakes.

Your CMMS should perform the heavy lifting for you. Look for CMMS partners that offer demos, product webinars and live support.  Also, encourage certain employees to serve as change agents.  Look for those who are tech-savvy, or who quickly learned the product to serve as a support network if an employee has questions while performing maintenance tasks.


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