3 Ways Mobile CMMS Streamlines Maintenance Operations

Time is of the essence when it comes to managing mobile maintenance operations. To enhance productivity and performance, maintenance teams utilize mobile computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).

By having mobile CMMS at your fingertips, you too could make better maintenance decisions with the right information at the right time. In fact, FacilitiesNet states that mobile CMMS helps both technicians and managers remotely gain access to data, work orders and other decision-driving information.

In our 2017 State of CMMS Report, we found that fewer than half of maintenance pros rely on mobile CMMS. What’s more startling is that these maintenance teams are missing out on top CMMS functionality enabled by mobile, like accelerated workflow and improved team communication.

If your organization falls into that category, continue reading for more information on how your organization can benefit from mobile maintenance on a CMMS.

1. Save time.

Organizations that have fully rolled out a mobile CMMS reported that they achieved the outcomes they desired with implementation. The on-the-go functionalities of mobile CMMS save maintenance teams remarkable time and effort.

With mobile CMMS, maintenance professionals have access to important information right at their fingertips. Specifically, maintenance professionals can:

  • Receive work orders.
  • View attached documents and files while offsite.
  • Upload photos or video onto the CMMS from anywhere in the field.

As a result, technicians can address more work orders without having to run back into the office between repairs.

Additionally, mobile CMMS provides maintenance teams with a secure record of all work performed. Instead of having to search through thousands of printouts, maintenance professionals can access documents instantly without any hassle—improving an organization’s environmental footprint and increasing workforce productivity.

2. Increase productivity and labor effectiveness. 

A mobile CMMS saves maintenance professionals time and increases overall productivity and effectiveness. From the report: 80% of organizations that actively use mobile CMMS report strong improvements in labor efficiency.

Mobile access to real-time information ensures technicians are working with the most accurate information. Also, on the asset management side, spare parts and inventory levels are accounted for. With real-time, accurate information, mobile CMMS can better improve reliability and fuel preventive maintenance capabilities.

Additionally, organizations using a mobile CMMS like MC Express can access repair information to monitor hours spent on maintenance requests. Not only does this improve labor efficiency by holding technicians more accountable, but it also provides management with a bird’s-eye view of maintenance operations across departments.

3. Improve workflow distribution.

With productivity heightened, organizations also rely on mobile CMMS to improve workflow distribution. Since work orders drive maintenance departments, the collection and distribution of information are critical to success.

By utilizing the functionalities of mobile CMMS, organizations can streamline communications across departments. For example, technicians and maintenance professionals can exchange notifications, real-time status updates and more. With accurate and up-to-date documentation, maintenance management can better balance workloads and stay abreast of team assignments. Not only does this facilitate communication within your organization, but it also provides greater visibility of the maintenance being performed right from your fingertips. And with real-time visibility on a mobile CMMS, maintenance teams save time, increase productivity and improve overall maintenance operations. As a result, maintenance can make better decisions with the right information at the right time.

To learn more about Mobile CMMS Software, check out Maintenance Connection’s mobile functionality, MC Express.  Ready to see how your organization could benefit from accelerated workflow and improved team communication on a mobile CMMS? For instant access, watch a free demo of Maintenance Connection today.