3 Benefits of CMMS for Ultimate Uptime in the Food and Beverage Industry

3 Benefits of CMMS for Ultimate Uptime in the Food and Beverage Industry

When production lines with perishable products experience a company can lose thousands of dollars in one day.

The product may not be delivered in time, employees may have to stay overtime to fix the asset, and fixing the asset itself could be a huge unexpected expense.

On top of these sudden problems, the output of the production line is deeply affected.
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How The New York Times Improved Asset Organization and Performance Reporting with CMMS

With 64 newspaper print facilities across the world and more than 10,000 assets to sustain, The New York Times maintenance team is nothing short of busy. And with more than 1 million weekly readers, the well-respected news source realized its need for a more reliable maintenance strategy enabled by a CMMS.

The New York Times sought a user-friendly system to organize its assets and track equipment health across sites. After finding gaps with its legacy software, the company chose Maintenance Connection’s CMMS. Since implementation, the maintenance team has seen improvements on asset uptime and plant productivity.

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15 Top Tracked CMMS KPIs for Manufacturers

Manufacturers have a wide range of systems in place that drive the success of the business and keep uptime performance on the upswing. And while individual manufacturers may have a different goal that defines success—an efficient team, decreased operational downtime or zero inventory stockouts—one factor remains true: success must be measured.

There’s no better way to measure success than with CMMS-fueled key performance indicators (KPIs): data that shows whether defined goals are achieved, with insight into the why. 
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What Benefits Will I Gain From Spare Parts Management and CMMS Integration?

Picture this: you schedule maintenance for a quick repair and discover a spare part is not on-hand, forcing operations to a sudden standstill. What do you do? Chances are, you submit an emergency work order to get operations in motion and then figure out where to find another part.

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Maintenance Managers: Gain Control of Your Plant with Preventive Maintenance

In a maintenance manager’s perfect world, asset downtime wouldn’t exist, technicians would always be efficient and scheduling would be a breeze.  Even though maintenance managers know this ideal simply doesn’t exist, it’s their job to keep the plant running as smoothly as possible.
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Key System Considerations Before Implementing a CMMS

One of the best decisions a company can make is to implement a CMMS software for their asset, inventory and maintenance management needs.  Just as a the foundation of a house ensures the house is standing strong, so a proper system foundation will aid in successful company operations.  To create a successful beginning, here are some key system considerations to know before implementing a new CMMS.

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Report Reveals that 67% of Healthcare Respondents Link Better Compliance & Reduced Risk Directly to CMMS Implementation

Maintenance Connection, an industry leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) provider, released its Healthcare Facility Maintenance Report that aims to guide healthcare professionals towards greater operational reliability and continuous improvement. Continue reading

Companies That Play Together, Stay Together

Connections: Maintenance Connection’s
2017 Company Retreat

Maintenance Connection’s workforce is distributed in multiple offices across the country. But even though we’re miles away, anyone will tell you that our team and communities are a top priority. That’s why we really look forward to our all-company retreat, Connections.

Connections has certainly grown from departmental summits at the company’s start, to what’s now an all-company, hands-on retreat. It’s one of our favorite events of the year, and it helps us live our mission to prioritize, value, and invest in our people and communities.

This last year, the team headed up to the mountains in Park City, Utah. It was an awesome week with wonderful people. Thanks to the Maintenance Connection team, for all you do and for being so fun! Read on for a few of our favorite highlights from the trip …

Shared Strategy & Company Vision

At the end of the day, we use this week to come together, share the strategic direction for the company, and collaborate.

The retreat was also a chance for Maintenance Connection to introduce several new MC employees and new members of our team.

“It’s Like a Fun Family Reunion”

Because our team is virtual, when we get together it’s like a fun family reunion. There’s always lots of energy and excitement—and that could be an understatement!

The team spent a day doing the Connections games. We broke out into cross-department teams and held 6-7 events, ranging from basketball and human foosball to a jousting event.










Days were capped off with evenings spent in downtown Breckenridge. We ate well, visited a few breweries, and enjoyed some quality time together. Overall, like many Maintenance Connection events, there’s always lots of laughter and team building.

Leadership Opportunities Give Back

And at the end of the day, we all were able to come together to focus on giving back—a core component upon what the company was founded, which remains in focus nearly 15 years later. We looked back on highlights from last year and discussed plans for what’s to come.

For more on Maintenance Connection’s corporate responsibility to give back to our communities and impact our world in a positive way, read up on the MC Gives Back program.



Thanks again to our wonderful team and partners for making this year’s Connections retreat so great!


Top 8 Healthcare Resources to Improve Facilities and Guide Maintenance Strategy

Changing regulatory standards and evolving industry trends are causing healthcare facilities to re-strategize to keep patient care in the forefront and maintenance in order. A sampling of current healthcare trends and regulations affecting the industry and maintenance team, include:

How do you stay up on the top industry trends and regulations to keep your maintenance team in the know? At Maintenance Connection, we trust many resources to ensure our CMMS platform meets the needs of healthcare maintenance pros.

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