Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance: Taking Your Facility to the Next Step

Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance: Taking Your Facility to the Next Step

When it comes to maintenance, your organization is either taking a proactive approach or a reactive one.

It’s been proven that proactive strategies, like preventive and predictive maintenance, can improve a facility’s bottom line in many ways: lowering maintenance costs, improving asset reliability and giving a 360-degree view of performance, just to name a few.

However, a majority (66%) of organizations still rely on reactive practices to keep their operations going. Continue reading

3 Ways to See Higher ROI from Your CMMS

There is a major problem that maintenance professionals face when they try to implement a computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS). This issue prevents them from truly unlocking a CMMS’ potential and getting the full ROI they expect from these systems.  

The cause of these woes is lack of visibility. Even if an organization implements a CMMS, maintenance teams don’t benefit unless as many assets, activities and work orders as possible are visible in the system. And we have the data to prove it. 

In the 2017 State of CMMS Report, Maintenance Connection surveyed 1,000+ maintenance professionals on their operations. Spanning 10 industries, the insights give an invaluable look into how improved visibility translates into significant performance gains for maintenance teams.   Continue reading

Maintenance Connection Releases Groundbreaking Report on CMMS ROI

Maintenance Connection, the industry’s leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) provider, just released the 2017 State of CMMS Report, an analysis of how maintenance software delivers value and benefits operations across industries that conduct maintenance on a daily basis. The report uses proprietary data from Maintenance Connection’s CMMS Score survey, which collected data from 1,000 maintenance professionals about how they rate their maintenance programs and to what extent they have utilized a CMMS.

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3 Ways CMMS Improves Government Budget and Regulation Management

Managing public sector maintenance is no small feat or cost. Over nearly 60 years, federal, state and local governments have spent more than $2 trillion on operations, maintenance, and water and wastewater infrastructure.

With tight budgets, strict regulations and citizens’ lives that depend on the uptime of critical assets, governments need a smart maintenance strategy to ensure a proper workflow.

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Why Maintenance Connection Created the Annual CMMS Score Report

How do you use your CMMS?

Have you recently started noticing that your maintenance team may be lagging, and you need a system to keep communication organized and visible? Or, are you far past implementation, and you’re ready to prove the tool has decreased downtime and saved on overall costs?

No matter what stage of the CMMS usage phase you’re in, you’re ahead of any team that is unaware of the power of the platform. That’s because a CMMS solution is proven to decrease asset downtime, extend machine life, improve the work order tracking process, implement preventive maintenance schedules, and provide bottom-line cost savings. Continue reading