Maintenance Connection Hires New Chief Product and Technology Officer

Maintenance Connection Hires New Chief Product and Technology Officer

Maintenance Connection has hired Fred Tillman as its new Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPO/CTO), as the software provider continues to expand its executive team during a high-growth phase. Maintenance Connection is an industry leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) provider that partnered with TA Associates, a leading global private equity firm, in 2016 to accelerate its dominance of the CMMS market.

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Why CMMS Implementation Matters

A great idea is useful. But do you know what’s actually valuable? Executing that idea.

For instance, great idea: use a CMMS solution to improve your maintenance operations. But completing effective CMMS implementation across your organization and its assets? That’s much more valuable—and a little more involved.

The best CMMS solutions improve asset uptime, work order tracking and labor productivity by digitally organizing assets and notifications. While these systems might seem like magic, they don’t magically set themselves up. They require implementation. Continue reading

How Hospitals Diminish Asset Downtime and Improve Patient Care with CMMS

One of the greatest challenges hospitals face is asset management. Since the quality of care depends on the uptime of assets that save lives every day, a smart management strategy is a critical task for maintenance. The best asset management plans help to extend asset life, monitor critical machine performance and reduce costly downtime, all of which translate to better patient care.

For hospital maintenance technicians, using computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps support operations across entire healthcare organizations. Those with complete systems in place have less asset downtime to tend to, which allows physicians to focus more on the quality of patient care.

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3 CMMS Features that Improve Government Maintenance

When it comes to managing maintenance for local, state and federal organizations in the public sector, there’s nothing more important than ensuring uptime, reliability and responsible resource management.

Because governments work to serve the people, an effective maintenance strategy enabled by a CMMS helps organizations to increase asset visibility, improve work order management and diminish asset downtime. Continue reading

4 Ways Automotive Manufacturers Can Improve Processes with a CMMS

The frequency of recalls in recent years has contributed to a significant, yet unnecessary expense for automotive manufacturers. U.S. vehicle recalls hit an all-time high this decade, reaching a record of 51.2 million vehicles over 868 separate recalls.


As automakers strive to develop cleaner, safer, smarter and more energy-efficient vehicles, manufacturers need visibility into the supply chain and production process. To mitigate risk, automotive manufacturers turn to computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to streamline operations and improve internal communications.

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