Top Benefits of Integrating CMMS with an ERP System

Top Benefits of Integrating CMMS with an ERP System

It’s no secret that software systems benefit businesses of all types, especially those in manufacturing. In fact, manufacturing output has reached a record high thanks to software advancements in robotics and automation.

These facts prove that adoption of manufacturing software has resulted in higher productivity and output, and lower production costs across the industry. But, don’t stop while you’re ahead; there are many more ways to capture productivity improvements.

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Maintenance Connection Cites Service Excellence as Foundation for 50% Expansion

Maintenance Connection, the industry leading maintenance management (CMMS) software provider, experienced another year of consecutive growth in 2016. Following a healthy 15% growth in overall revenue in 2016, the company has now expanded its personnel by 50% in the past 12 months. Building on the foundation of a robust and proven product, a healthy and growing customer base, and a passionate and service-minded team, Maintenance Connection is investing aggressively in sales and marketing to expand its market presence and expand upon it’s market leading position in  CMMS software.

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Top 5 CMMS Features for Facility Managers

Facility managers have a lot on their plate. From planning maintenance strategies to setting budgets to satisfying work order requests, the priorities and tasks seem endless.

With the help of a CMMS, managers can improve the facility’s asset health, team efficiencies and downtime, reducing headaches and freeing up large amounts of time. A CMMS has five features that will alleviate a facility manager’s stress by improving day-to-day tasks and team processes. Read on to learn how. Continue reading

Is Reactive Maintenance the Norm?

What You Can Learn from 450+ Facilities Maintenance Professionals

Does your facility rely on a maintenance strategy in which assets are only serviced if downtime occurs? If so, you may be stuck in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” scenario of reactive maintenance.

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How L’Oréal Improved Asset Life and Performance Reporting with a CMMS [Case Study]

With five major manufacturing facilities and 15 distribution centers in the U.S. alone, L’Oréal has thousands of employees to keep track of—not to mention assets. At a time of high growth, the company recognized its need for better maintenance management.

L’Oréal sought out an easy-to-use solution to help maintain the lifespan of its equipment and track asset health, so they chose Maintenance Connection’s CMMS. Continue reading

How Lucky Eagle Casino Reduced Maintenance Costs with a CMMS

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry, especially for casinos. Vegas Inc states that the revenue of a casino comes from more than gambling—it depends heavily on the non-gaming experiences like operations.

As the operations of a casino become more elaborate thanks to today’s technology, there’s an even stronger need for smart maintenance. That’s because a casino’s customer satisfaction depends on the health of thousands of assets within—from slot machines to behind-the-scene equipment like lights and HVAC systems. Continue reading