3 Types of Maintenance Strategies and When to Implement Each [WEBINAR]

3 Types of Maintenance Strategies and When to Implement Each [WEBINAR]

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” This carries over to the maintenance industry, one field that is in constant search of ways to decrease asset downtime without increasing the needed manpower.

But without broadening our range of strategies, how can any maintenance team improve if they’re following old, reactive ways? As FacilitiesNet states, one of the hardest parts of implementing a new maintenance strategy is simply getting started. Continue reading

3 Ways a Healthcare CMMS Creates a Cleaner, Healthier Environment

For healthcare facilities or hospitals, patient health, care and safety is paramount. Patient comfort and satisfaction depends on the reliability of equipment, machines, and technology used by physicians and staff.

It’s the duty of the maintenance team to keep all devices and machines in working condition, as patients’ lives and facility compliance depend on it. This means there’s no room for asset downtime or the chance of inventory stockout due to emergency requests. Continue reading

5 KPIs Every Hospital Maintenance Professional Needs to Track

“What gets measured gets managed,” goes the old saying—and it could not be truer for healthcare maintenance professionals. Hospitals and healthcare systems rely on functioning assets and equipment not just to remain profitable, but also to enhance patient well-being. With that kind of responsibility, it’s critical to make sure assets and equipment are maintained before they fail or break.

The best way to make sure maintenance is preventive rather than reactive is through smart measurement. This requires a well-designed system that tracks each metric important to your operations. But be careful: if you start tracking and analyzing everything, suddenly nothing becomes a priority; it’s extremely difficult to sort the signal from the noise. Continue reading

Resorts and Hotels: 3 Ways a CMMS Will Cut Down Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Managing maintenance in hotels and resorts with hundreds of rooms, multiple floors and many assets is no easy task. Facility managers must be organized and efficient to provide a comfortable stay for their guests in the hopes of continuing business with them in the future.

But it doesn’t stop there. Research has found that 72% of customers will share their positive experience with six or more people, which adds credibility and gives a positive boost to the resort’s reputation if customers enjoy themselves. Good maintenance is key to achieving that goal.

When assets are well maintained, guests experience fewer hassles and enjoy their stay more. The last thing anyone wants to worry about while traveling is substandard equipment or facilities. Continue reading

Maintenance Connection Brings on Enterprise Software Veteran Eric Morgan as New CEO

Maintenance Connection recently appointed Eric Morgan as CEO. Maintenance Connection, the industry’s leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) provider with clients such as Stanford Healthcare and Alaska Airlines in a wide range of industries, views Morgan’s hiring as a critical step in its efforts to scale in enterprise markets. Earlier this year, TA Associates announced a significant growth investment in Maintenance Connection.

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Why Smart Hospitals Need Smarter Maintenance Software

As organizations become familiar with groundbreaking technology, some industries will benefit more than others.

Hospitals are one type of facility that will soon embrace new technology designed to improve patient care.

Thanks to big data analytics, scientific breakthroughs are continually announced, from predicting premature births to diagnosing cancer. But beneath the surface is maintenance technology – the key to daily operations. Continue reading

3 Ways to Avoid Machine Failures with CMMS-Enabled Preventive Maintenance

The best types of maintenance occur before equipment breaks. Done right, preventive maintenance (PM) gives organizations large and small a major competitive advantage. With it, organizations experience significantly less downtime and generate greater ROI from their fixed assets. Not to mention the boost preventive maintenance gives to staff morale and productivity, including better team efficiencies and scheduling.

You can get your team proactively operating on a preventive maintenance schedule with the help of a CMMS. Companies that rely on the power of a CMMS report increased uptime, less repair time and improved asset reliability.

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How Property Managers Can Improve Maintenance Strategy with a CMMS [VIDEO]

Attention property managers: Do you ever find there’s not enough time in the day for all of your responsibilities? No matter if you’re the manager of a retail, commercial or office building, it’s your job to keep tenants satisfied. And while it may seem like a simple enough task, there are other factors that come into play, like manpower, budget and resources.

With the help of a top-notch CMMS, property managers can check tasks off the to-do list faster than ever before. Plus, a CMMS provides bottom-line benefits by improving maintenance efficiency and capturing higher ROI from fixed assets.
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How Manufacturers Use Data to Double Uptime and Efficiency [Ebook]

It’s no secret that manufacturing has always been a major player in the economy. In fact, manufacturers contribute approximately $2.17 trillion to the economy annually, and account for 9% of the U.S. workforce.

But as economies mature, manufacturers are scrambling to stay competitive in sophisticated markets. So, which innovations will keep the manufacturing industry up-to-speed?
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CMMS Training: Beyond the Software Implementation

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on Maintenance Connection’s blog in 2014. 

Whether an organization is putting a new CMMS system into place or has been utilizing a tool for years, training should be a considered a critical component to successful usage. Training is necessary to keep up with new features in the software, enhance the skill sets of employees, and improve efficiency.

Training sessions should be held for each person in an organization who will be using a CMMS on a day-to-day basis including technicians, maintenance supervisors and administrators.
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3 CMMS Features that Optimize Warehouse Operations

Ask any warehouse operations manager the key to their success, and you’ll quickly find the answer is efficiency. Inbound Logistics agrees, commenting on the dangers of an inefficient warehouse:

“When efficiency lags, products may not arrive at customer destinations on time, orders can get lost, and low inventory levels can result in stockouts.”

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3 KPIs to Measure CMMS ROI

Editor’s note: This is part three of Maintenance Connection’s CMMS ROI series. Read part one and two for more ROI content.

Maintenance managers know the day-to-day hiccups that accompany the job that ultimately throw off the team’s productivity. Factors like unscheduled downtime, technician inefficiencies and out-of-stock products can turn a well-oiled maintenance plan upside down.
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3 Ways CMMS Improves Warehouse Management [VIDEO]

A warehouse manager’s list of responsibilities is endless. From inventory control to budget regulation and employee assignments, it’s easy to lose organization in the warehouse.

Yet, unorganized warehouse procedures yield lost profits, inefficient employees and increased downtime.
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How to Measure CMMS ROI & Performance

Editor’s note: This is part two of Maintenance Connection’s CMMS ROI series. See part one for our ROI infographic.

It can be difficult to monitor everything going on at your company. Without the proper systems in place to keep track of equipment usage and resource allocation, revenue may be lost and overall productivity will drop.

With a CMMS, organizations gain management and insight into assets and work orders, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies across departments.
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How to Improve Project Visibility with a CMMS [Customer Video]


Almost all process manufacturers experience daily struggles with project visibility. It’s difficult to grasp the status of projects with thousands of employees, operations processes, and assets spread across different locations with varying capabilities.
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The Key to Calculating CMMS ROI [Infographic]

There’s a lot to consider when checking out a new maintenance solution.

To start, you need to know the value a new solution would add to your operation. This is a lot more than factoring together unexpected downtime and overtime hours.
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How to Use a CMMS to Create an Asset Downtime Report

Your company’s true operational foundation is its assets. Those include machines, equipment, technicians performing day-to-day tasks, and more. One of the most important functions across your facility is having those assets up and running as much as possible.

Keep assets operating smoothly by understanding what causes breakdowns and how often repairs are made. An asset downtime report puts this information at your fingertips.

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CMMS Goes Mobile

Streamlining Your Maintenance Management with Mobile CMMS

Mobile has surged as our channel of choice—and apps our new currency.

Capterra’s 2017 report states that the #1 trend companies are moving toward is the ship to their workforce becoming more tech-savvy with mobile.

  • 15-25% more productivity from Technicians
  • We’re using personal devices for work: 45% of millennials and 18% of older generations.
  • Just one company saved $5000 to $7000 on data entry alone

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Maintenance Connection Continues Its Pattern of Solid Growth in 2015

February 23, 2016 (Davis, CA) – Maintenance Connection, the industry’s leading maintenance management (CMMS) software provider, experienced another year of consecutive growth in 2015. The organization not only saw an influx of new customers, it also experienced a large increase in demand from existing customers to expand their successful implementations. Additionally, Maintenance Connection customers turned out in record numbers for Checkpoint 2015, the annual customer training seminar that took place in Sacramento, CA, in October.

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A Simple Tool for Calculating Machine Downtime

Operations and revenue come grinding to a halt whenever unexpected machine downtime rears its ugly head. As a maintenance manager, estimating just how much machine downtime costs your company per hour is critical; armed with that knowledge you can create a strong business case for investing in a maintenance management system. By automating preventive maintenance and being data-driven with predictive capabilities, managers who get the most out of modern CMMS features can easily increase machine uptime and streamline operations within their department. Have you ever wondered just how much downtime costs your organization on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis?

To learn more about the cost of machine downtime, we spoke with Taylor Short, CMMS market researcher at Software Advice, a website where buyers can evaluate and review maintenance management software, about a tool that they introduced for calculating downtime costs.


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