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Homeowner Associations Facility Management


Free Trial of our Homeowner Association Facility Management SoftwareAmong the many jobs of the homeowners' association is the issue of maintenance management. Each member in the association expects that there will be a speedy resolution whenever they have maintenance problems. By utilizing the Service Requester you can streamline the communication process between the maintenance department and the association member. They can track the status of each work request as it is assigned and completed. Then, you can retrieve and print reports that show how much has been spent on facility management repairs over a selected period of time. You can also set up preventive maintenance schedules to extend the life of expensive equipment such as HVAC units and power generators.

Using Maintenance Connection's simple, easy-to-use web-based application can help your Homeowner's Association increase the service provided to your members, keep a list of all of the association's assets/members, track maintenance costs, prevent and predict equipment failures, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtimes, minimize investments in inventory and lower the total cost of maintenance.

Homeowner's Associations can set up maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance schedules for facilities and equipment that include:

Homes Landscape Maintenance Light Fixtures
Parks Sidewalks and Streets  Fire Extinguishers
Golf Courses Office Buildings Restrooms
Bike Paths/Trails Carports Tennis Courts
Playground Equipment Swimming Pools Clubhouse

How can Maintenance Connection help?

  • 100% Web-Based Application requiring no installation on client machines
  • The Service Requester allows members to request maintenance using their web browser
  • Technicians can be paged and assigned work
  • Work History is stored and recorded for each Location and Asset
  • Easy to setup Preventive Maintenance schedules
  • Open architecture with easy integration to other applications
  • Built using standard Microsoft Web Technologies

Maintenance Connection provides a full-featured maintenance management software solution that runs entirely inside any Internet browser; thus eliminating your dependence on using Java applets, Active-X objects, plug-ins, or proprietary code running on your computer. With that out of the way, you'll be able to get up and running quickly without having to install anything on client machines. You can then zone in on what you do best rather than having to maintain maintenance management software. Employees, contractors, requesters and management can access Maintenance Connection from wherever it is that they are using an Internet browser. The end result is that firms and groups with a plethora of sites can easily keep their maintenance records in one location.

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Maintenance Connection is the technology leader of Web-Based CMMS software solutions for organizations worldwide. Maintenance Connection provides Web-Based CMMS software available either online or onsite enabling organizations the ability to  increase asset life, track maintenance costs, prevent and predict equipment failures, improve labor productivity, reduce costly equipment downtimes, minimize investments in inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance.

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