Maintenance Reporting Software

The powerful reporting tools built into the Maintenance Connection CMMS make getting access to the data that you need fast and nearly effortless. Maintenance Connection’s reports provide summary data, charts and graphs, and high configurability, making the data you are collecting work for you.

Key Performance Indicator dashboards ensure that real-time information is available at a glance, and alerts can be sent automatically by the system when targets are not being met.

Users get access to over 150 canned and configurable reports.  Entire dashboards of KPI’s provide quick access to key metrics, providing organizations the data they need to make better decisions.

The Maintenance Connection Reporting module includes features like:

  • A large selection of pre-populated standard reports, sorted in folders by category ReportingVideoPlayButtonv2
  • A simple report wizard that makes creating new reports or modifying existing ones fast and painless
  • Automated scheduling of reports and KPIs that can be emailed regularly to others
  • Complete reporting integration within the system, alleviating the need to switch applications
  • SMART reports allow data to be modified and viewed from within the report itself, making batch edits or quick status updates a breeze
When comparing CMMS solutions, Maintenance Connection is the best choice to not only manage maintenance, but to report and present powerful data to decision makers.

The incredibly powerful reporting tools available in the Maintenance Connection reporter make it easy to get access to critical data  instantly. Other advanced reporting options such as pivot reports, SMART reporting, custom headers, KPI trending and more can easily be added to reports to give users an added level of depth to their analytics.



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