Schedule Preventive Maintenance in Just a Few Clicks

A Preventive Maintenance Schedule should be easy to manage. With Maintenance Connection, all PM information resides in one module and can be associated with multiple assets throughout the CMMS.

Maintenance Connection’s PM Module allows users to create automated PM schedules at varying frequencies with ease. These schedules can then trigger auto-generated work orders, providing schedulers the ability to easily plan work to be performed, and even receive system-generated email notifications that a new PM is coming due. Maintenance procedures can be associated to these work orders, providing valuable task instructions, estimated materials, and even critical documentation.

Maintenance Connection Preventive Maintenance includes features like:

  • A wide variety of frequency options for scheduled maintenance
  • Seasonal and temporary scheduling capabilitiesPreventiveMaintenancePlayButtonv2
  • Automatic assignments, procedures, and dispatching options
  • Configurable notification options when PMs are due
When comparing CMMS solutions you’ll see that Maintenance Connection is the best choice to reduce costly downtime and gain substantial increases in asset uptime and reliability.

The specification area of each asset record offers the ability to monitor unlimited amounts of manufacturer related specifications and metrics. Using this data to make better decisions about how and when PM’s are performed, Maintenance Connection users see, on average, asset uptime increase by 10%, asset reliability increase by 5%, and repair time decrease by up to 30%!


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