Asset Management Should Be Easy

Assets are at the foundation of all maintenance management activities. The Maintenance Connection CMMS keeps asset management simple. The asset management module gives you to ability to build an asset hierarchy to represent the locations and assets within your organization. With this intuitive view of your organization’s assets, you can easily view the location of each asset, and add new assets or locations when necessary.

Maintenance Connection Asset Management includes features like:

  • Asset ‘management trees’ that are easy to create, use, search, AssetsVideoPlayButtonv2and manage
  • Drag and drop functionality to add assets to work orders
  • Simple right-click asset creation capability
  • Search and filter options to quickly find assets
When comparing CMMS solutions you’ll see that Maintenance Connection is the best choice to reduce costly downtime and gain substantial increases in asset uptime and reliability.

The specification area of each asset record offers the ability to monitor unlimited amounts of manufacturer related specifications and metrics, as well as preventative maintenance schedules. This allows you to see, on average, asset uptime increase by 10%, asset reliability increase by 5%, and repair time decrease by up to 30%!


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