Simple Yet Robust Features

Work Order Tracking

  • Work Order Creation
  • Labor Assignment Management
  • Updates to Work Order Status and Sub-Status
  • Warranty and Follow Up Indicators
  • Track Asset Information
  • Track Assignments

Asset Management

  • Track Work History and Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Asset Life
  • Prevent and Predict Equipment Failures
  • Reduce Costly Downtime
  • Improve Asset Planning and Scheduling

Preventive Maintenance

  • Configurable Notifications
  • Assignments, Procedures, and Dispatching
  • Cost Tracking
  • Seasonal and Temporary Scheduling
  • PM Details Available on a Single Screen


  • Increase Productivity From Anywhere
  • Log Wrench Time with Start/Stop Functionality
  • Access Asset History and Attached Documents
  • Complete Work Orders and PM Tasks
  • Supports a Broad Range of Phones and Tablets

Inventory Control

  • Track All Inventory Costs
  • Manage Stock Rooms
  • Complete Spare Parts Management
  • Min/Max and Reorder Values
  • Automated Re-ordering


  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Report on Management Metrics
  • Configure Reports
  • Over 200 Canned Reports
  • Print, Email, or Fax Reports